Unwrapping the Chanukah Box!

Arianna Sharfman Photography

Happy Chanukah, friends! I hope that this first day is already full of light and joy for you.

Thank you so much for your warm feedback on our first Wondrously Box! It was a pleasure to send these out to each of you, and now I get to do one of my favorite things: introduce you to the artists and makers who created your items!

Custom “I AM LUMINOUS” Soy Candle

Your candle was hand-poured by Leslie Abrams of Yo Soy Candle. (Read our blog post about Leslie here!) She crafted this brown sugar fig scent in Portland, Oregon and shipped them right to us in Massachusetts, where it was VERY difficult for me to resist keeping one for myself. Follow Leslie on Instagram for behind the scenes looks at her process and great deals, like her candle subscription service!

Fancy Matches Jar

Your jar of 100 black-tipped matches hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Falling Into Place (FIP) Candles owner Marie Claire White is a former teacher and donates a portion of each sale to the Child Art Foundation. Your Chanukah matches are doing just a little to add light, empathy, and creativity to our world.

Gold Leaf Earrings

KayCee Studio is a relatively new Etsy shop, with a selection of gorgeous stud earrings that are as unique as they are affordable. It was so tough for me to choose a color to include in your box! Her presentation is stunning (those little lace doilies!) and her customer service is amazing.

Black and Gold Heart Mini Pencils

These cute and practical mini pencils are from Divine Design Etc. in Astoria, Oregon, a business run by three style-savvy friends with amazing eyes for good design and unexpected details. Check out their shop for personalized gifts with a unique flair.

Chanukah 8 Day Journal

Your Chanukah journal includes 8 nights’ worth of insightful Torah lessons from Ariella Zirkind of One Hundred Blessings.  I raved about Ariella in my first blog post,  for her knowledge, sensitivity, and true understanding of the spiritual needs of today’s Jewish woman. I hope you’re enjoying your journal!

Thank you all for participating in the first Wondrously Box! I hope that these artists and makers resonated with you, and that you are loving everything I chose just for you.

Chanukah Sameach!


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